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How To Set Up VPN on Apple iOS 9


Setting up VPN on your Apple iOS device enables you to overcome challenges that many people face while using the internet. Some of these challenges include location restrictions, spies, firewalls, snooping, censorship, hackers and government surveillance, among others.

iPhone VPN essentially works by creating a secure passageway between your Apple iOS 9 and many websites and/ or applications that you wish to have access to on the internet without necessarily facing the challenges mentioned above.

Whenever you access the internet using an iPhone VPN, you get a new Internet Protocol address which enables you (through the iPhone) to appear as if you are in a different location at that particular time, thus giving you access to a wide range of websites that you would not have access to without the VPN.

How to set up VPN on Apple iOS 9

  1. Downloading a VPN app is the first important step. Open the Apple Store icon by tapping on
    the iPhone’s home screen, and then look for your desired VPN app by searching in the AppStore.
  2. When you tap on the Get/ Download icon of your desired VPN app, it will start
    downloading onto your Apple iOS 9.
  3. When the download is 100% complete, set it up by tapping on the VPN icon on your device’s home screen.
  4. Before you starting using the app, you will be required to sign up/ create an account by entering your active email address as well as a corresponding password.
  5. When you sign in, you will be asked to either allow or prevent the addition of VPN configurations. If you tap on ‘allow’, the installation process will continue, but only if you give your password or Touch
  6. Your permission will also be sought on whether or not you would like the option of sharing anonymous analytics. If you will like it be extremely reliable and fast, then tap on ‘allow’.
  7. Connection to a server can be obtained by tapping on the Location Bar (which effectively
    launches the ‘Location Picker’).
  8. Choose your preferred location (country) then select ‘Connect’. This effectively connects you to your desired VPN server.

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